Do you have a message to share with our readers and subscribers?  Something you have written, designed, drawn?  E-mail us with your ideas! 

Bloom & Reed will be sharing other's work that aligns with our MISSION statement.  Just follow these three steps!


Please go to our MISSION. VISION. HOPE. page and read the information there before moving to the next step.  If you are in complete agreement with our Mission & Values, please go to step 2. 


Please pray about what you feel the Lord leading you to share and send us an email on your idea(s).  I, (Rose Ward) do graphic design and accept scans of art that can be used for the creation of art, educational and devotional materials.  We will send you a form to fill out, and upon approval, your work will be added to the Bloom & Reed library!  


We cannot afford to pay at this time, but as we move forward and if your work is used, you will receive support from the things you have contributed.  We are designing a creative platform to serve (you) well.  



That is it!  We look forward to getting to see you work in the gifts God has given you! 

thank you.

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