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Great homeschooling research / resources for those of you who plan to enrich their child's learning pre-school, during school or have decided to teach their children at home full-time.

Want to jump right in to listening? I have also created a free podcast to help you in the journey.


It 's not about the skill of the artist - it's about the intention of the heart

                              - Rose Ward


Isaiah 42:3

Art. Fun. Learning.

This section is dedicated to children and learning (homeschool or non-homeschool). It will be a place where you and your little blessings (variety of ages) can learn how to create their own artworks, listen and read stories, download lessons and have fun studying God's word.

Kitchen Talk

Health. Food. Remedies.

The process of "HEALTH" is an ever-expanding journey and the "point" of this portion of the website is to share my/our process of learning to live healthfully on a daily basis through both food and non-conventional medicines. As a family, we are attempting to change our relationship with food and eat in a healthful (HEALING) manner as well as create a less toxic footprint on our bodies and in our world. Let's nourish together!

Seriously? Yes... well 90% anyway.  

Recipies. Raw Resources. Kitchen Essentials. Tips and Tools to live healthfully!