• Rose Ward

WIM Book Club - It's FREE

Hi Friend,

If you are a Woman in Ministry and are interested in a place for community, support, prayer, rest and fun--- please join the WIM Book Club Facebook Group

You do not have to follow along with every book we do, but if you are a part of the FB Group you can jump in on the book/timing that suits you, and in the mean time enjoy getting to know other Writers, Speakers + Creatives who have been called to carry God's message in a unique way. It is flexible, free, and fun!

If you would like to join in on our first reading adventure just click below to join in!

*Limited space available for this first Study!

Book 1: 

FEAR IS NOT THE BOSS OF YOU  by Jennifer Allwood

Get on the list to join in and also receive the free goodies for this study that are soon to come!

Canadian? Buy the book HERE.

See you there!

- Rose







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