• Rose Ward

We Didn't Know.


This week I found out something---- 

Something that could have changed everything... A moment that could have devastated our lives and rendered limbs useless. It was an invisible protection, a strength that held us up when there was nothing to hold us; It was only by God's hands that nothing happened, and by His grace that my children and I were saved from some potentially complex injuries and pain.... 

We have a large tree in our backyard that was broken by a storm some time ago, yet it still had a strong, thick, branch that held a treasured gift; a large, rounded swing.  This particular swing was special, for it could hold all four children at the same time, and let them go higher than other swings.  I also called it our quality time swing, because it let my children lay next to me as we lazily swung back and forth without the cares and heaviness of the world.  We loved to gently swing as we conversed; looking up at the bottoms of green leaves, making it all seem ethereal.  It was a place for praying together, making up stories and enjoying just being present with each other.  There were also many times of spinning, pushing, pulling and swinging really high up filling the air with sweet laughter, especially when Papa would be there....

This past week my husband had a really strong feeling that we needed to take the swing down, and also clear the tree to use for firewood this coming winter.  I asked my husband (Andrew) where he was going to put the swing, because there was no other tree like it in our yard, and it would be greatly missed!  He calmly said, "We will figure it out, but I believe we need to take it down today." 

Little did we know that he would find the rope that was holding the swing completely frayed apart, and that the only thing holding it up was the fact that it had been wrapped around the branch several times and had yet to unfurl.  Since we had checked the rope not long ago, it must have happened pretty quickly, and we knew it could have been a very dangerous situation, because we have been using the swing since the last snow melted---

We were in awe of the protection that had been granted us, for those high swings were pretty high and it could have severely injured the children, or I, as my body doesn't do well with falling from any height.  Needless to say, we are so thankful for the protection and God's nudging of spirit to take the swing down even when it did not make a lot of sense to do so. 

We must remember, He alone is our hope, our protection, and a mighty rock and fortress--- He holds us.  We must remember, invisible is visible to Him and our God is a living God. 

He is moving, protecting and working all things together, even when we are not able to see it.  He is able to understand this fallen world, able to work through us and in us; able to help us see the things we need to see, and become who we are intended to be---  No matter what the world is doing, or what is happening. 

Through sickness and health He is with us.  I want to encourage you this week to pray more, listen well and take action to do the things He is calling you to.  God's got you. 

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