• Rose Ward

Unwrap Unavailability


Do you ever find yourself NOT being present?  A couple weeks ago, I found myself in a non-present week---not day, week.  One of the issues I often struggle with is not being completely present with my kids, and for that matter, my whole family.  I mean, I could blame it on a lot of things-- chronic pain, my kids health issues, planning school, teaching school in a not so present *to do list kind of way, writing, working, other to do lists --- The rationales can be infinite, but the thing is, the reasoning (basic causes, excuses) for not being present are not the problem, they are NOT to blame!  

I am--

The mindset I have about these causes and about my family is where the real issues lie, building up debris from the fleshly wounds of the world.  Wounds that bring insecurities forth and push confidence back, yet we must be present --- we need to be present.  Why?

"Seek the Lord and his strength; seek his presence continually!"  I Chronicles 16:11 ESV

It is important (to give your attention wholly in the moment) for it increases the respect for the people who are around you at any given time; it takes note of others, recognizes their expressions, language, actions, considerations and that is--- intrinsically valuable.  The daily life of your child, spouse, family member, friend (you fill in the blank) and the opportunities created when you are available have measure beyond this physical world, whereas becoming distant, vacant and busy--- will bring devaluation to both their lives, and yours.

Don't let valueless thoughts and wounds from the world bombard you in 2020 Friend.  Let's shift our focus on the one who knows how to be perfectly present in our lives, so that we can be a gift (a true present) to all the lives around us. Do not let a weakened state be created in your relationships due to causes and excuses *not to be present* for your people! Take time to put the device down, work on that project in its right timing, take a knee and be eye to eye with that little soul-- that gift of being fully available (at the ready) to see, hear and understand the current happenings of that persons life, will transform into freedom for your life and the lives of others. 

It is time to unwrap availability in 2020!

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