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The Field You Run In - Part II


Continued from The Field You Run In Part I...

Suddenly, you feel something laying on the ground beside you and you sit up. Trying to pick up the object you realize you need both hands because it is stuck to the ground, and roots have grown over it. Pulling and pushing the roots aside, you manage to free it, and so you brush off the excess debris and dirt.

A looking glass?

As you clean off more of the dusty film, a beautiful design starts to reveal itself. It has a golden hued base and green gems that look like--- emeralds? They are so delicately placed and they sparkle as the sun's light hit them. Why would such a treasure be lying in the dirt? Turning it over, you are taken by surprise and almost drop the once loved item. Moving it closer, you move your mouth, raise your eyebrows and blink your eyes, and so does the image in the mirror, except----

Something is not right...

The reflection follows your exact motions, acting like any reflection would--- but this was no ordinary, mirrored image-- The image staring back at you does not look like you at all. Touching your cheeks gently, you see the reflection does the same.  Feeling the top of your head, you can feel that you do not have a pretty green ribbon wrapped in golden hair, nor do you have the same color eyes as the person staring back at you.  Looking around you search for the reflection in the mirror to no avail, it is just you in this beautiful field.

Where is this person? Who is this person?

Determined, you stand up and hold the mirror at different lengths, turning it to its side and straight again; it still does not reflect your image. Closing your eyes you take a deep breath and open them up again, and you look closer. The eyes seem to somehow, reflect sadness, as if the person is searching for help to be free from something that constrains them. No, this surely isn't a--- another person? How could that be? And if it is a person, did that mean they were stuck in the looking glass?   Impossible... What does it mean, and where is your reflection? Is it lost to?

Feeling a drop of liquid hit your face, you look to the sky and see thick storm clouds forming; rain is coming. Deciding the confusion can wait, you look for shelter. Not that rain is bad, it is just unexpected to have such dark clouds in a glorious field like this. Feeling water rise from beneath your feet, you realize it is not only raining, but the ground is producing water to, and your ankles can feel a cool liquid touching them. You must seek higher ground, but why would this place be flooding?

The sky is quickly gaining shades of dark blues and grays and you just know it will open up in torrents. None of this makes sense. All the times you had seen this field, it never once had a cloud in the sky. Through the boundary it was always bright and cheery, definitely never dreary. Holding tight to the mirror you run to a nearby tree. It is of a grand scale, surely that will help shelter you. As you reach the tree it gives you relief from the downpour, but you know it will not last long. Something has to be done.

Something was wrong---desperately wrong.

The air felt thick and it becomes harder to breath. Where is the promised freedom you had just seen moments ago?  With water still rising, you fall to your knees, and pray for understanding--- You worked so very hard to get here and made so many sacrifices...but...Something was not right, and you begin to feel suffocated--- Not free at all...

Looking around, you become fully aware that this field, this beautiful place is not yours at all. It is you creating the storm! Nothing is working as it should, because you are in the wrong field. As it turns darker yet, you know, it has all been just an illusion, a dark play to pull you to a place you were never supposed to be.

You are walking in someone else's field----and the person in that mirror has been pushed out and unable to make it shine like it is supposed to. You have trapped the only person that can make this place flourish and you suddenly realize what has to be done.  Jumping up, you run as fast as you can through the rising water. You have to get back to the border!

As you get closer to the boundary you look through the fence, and it is what you feared. It to, is covered with dark sky and water was beginning to envelop the land. You gasp as you see the most beautiful flowers being drawn under the rising water, bending stems, and folding blossoms you had never seen before. The beautiful colors were quickly getting lost in the flood--- How did they get there, and why did you not see them before? Taking a deep breath you try to climb the fence to no avail; its as if your hands are splintered with small pieces of wood each time attempt to touch the border. There must be a way to cross... then you remember--- The Mirror!

Taking the now shining treasure out of your pocket, you walk a small distance from the border and put it in the rising water. A bright light suddenly shoots forth towards the sky and rays of sun brilliantly break through, and you run back to the boundary --- you must get to the other side before it is to late!

When you arrive, you place one hand tentatively on the fence and pain shoots through your whole body. Crying out, you fear that you will be unable to  cross back over. There is only one thing left that you can do, the only thing that really mattered in the first place....before all of this...

Sinking to your knees you can feel the water rise to your chest and you close your eyes, knowing, you must accept whatever consequences may come. Bending your head in silence you are still, still before who you know, is the only one that can help. You can barely whisper above the fear that closes in...

I've trespassed Lord, I have left the very place you have given me to flourish. I have trapped one of your beautifully made creations--- please.... Free her for she cannot shine with my feet on the path you have set before her! Help me to be exactly who you want me to be Lord. I want to only work in the gifts you have placed in my heart. I want to walk in the beautiful field you made for me! I want only you Jesus. Forgive me Father! I surrender my life to you!

Suddenly you feel a great weight lifted from your shoulders and hear the singing of birds? No longer are you surrounded by water or drenched by sorrow. Daring to open one eye you glance at the boundary, only to see a small wooden fence that you can easily step over. A smile from deep within your spirit arises and you can feel God's beautiful grace and mercy wrapping around you. You get up and run to the most beautiful field you have ever seen.


Are you free from you? Dive in to true freedom! His picture is more beautiful than we could ever create for ourselves...He truly is the best artist. When we trust Him in this, great and beautiful things happen all around us, both in the suffering and in the joy. The field we run in is important and when we see someone else walking well in their field, let us be happy for them and what God is doing through them. Let us support and nourish them, for when God calls two people to do or say the same message--- it will come out in a very unique and beautiful way.  He is the ultimate artist and has created you with a specific purpose with definite words to speak and actions to take--- Let us focus this week on being Uniquely who God has made us to be.

Things to Ponder:

In order to do this (have true freedom) we must know Him, love Him. And in drawing near to Him, we can learn to hear the gentle voice of the Holy Spirit with much more clarity--- For how can we hear someone clearly, if we are not listening to them?

We can know what mountains need to be moved and how to move them, what words need to be spoken, and the actions that need to be taken--- God desires to hear you. He desires a relationship with you - a truly personal one. 

Can we give up the traditions and voices of this world, of our own flesh, and instead, listen to Him?

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