• Rose Ward

The Field You Run In - Part I


You know that beautiful field? The one with tall flowers that beckon you to run through with arms held out to the sides as the wind gently touches your skin?  What a lovely place to be! It is a field with such vibrant and rare flowers that they seem to unfold in a continuous bloom---And the paths appear clear and evident and you just know you would never lose your way.  You imagine yourself running faster and faster until you swirl into a complete spin and when you look up to the sky it seems clearer, and the clouds are like big spins of cotton candy ready to eat. So you take a deep breath as you imagine yourself sinking into the lush grasses.

It is all so promising that it makes you run to it with a great hope in your heart, only to be stopped by a fence – a border? Why would there be a border to this field that in essence, you know, must belong to you? You can see that it has everything you need but maybe it is a test? Yes, it must be a test of endurance... What else would it be? It does not look to hard to climb so you make the decision to put one foot on the bottom board and lift yourself up; for it is true freedom that awaits you...so you start to climb.

As you work your way up you feel energized, yet for some reason the boundary seems to be higher than you originally thought, and after some time, you realize that you can never quite get to the top of the fence in order to descend to the other side. Your hands start to ache, and there is pain in your feet from climbing a never ending wall. You ask yourself, “Why can’t I get to the top?”

Taking a break you peek through the boards and it all looks so incredibly free and inviting, surely it would not take that much longer? Once there, going down the other side must be easier…

With new resolve, you start to climb once again, and after some more time, you look down and your breath catches in your throat; it is a long way from the bottom and you feel frozen to the spot on the fence, considering what might happen if you did fall – it would mean death for sure – so you hold tighter.

There seems to be no other way to go but upward and over, so you keep moving up, up, up… and just when it seems you can no longer hold on, you see a great big hole in the fence, enough for you to fit through! It is the answer to all your troubles--- it is just what is needed! Putting one leg through and then the other, you are finally on the other side of the fence. You look down, and this side is suddenly shorter to the ground, but how can this be? You take a deep breath and decide it must be because this side was meant for you. You start to descend and notice your hands still hurt but you are so excited the pain doesn’t matter anymore, for you will soon be free of all that holds you back. As both feet hit the ground, you reach up your hands in praise so happy to be there.

Looking around you notice the grass is greener than you have ever seen, and you can hardly believe you are finally in the field. Walking a few steps you can't help but lay down and rest. You have finally made it. Feeling a sense of accomplishment, you begin to make shapes out of the puffy clouds above you, just because you can. It feels better than the other side and you decide, yes, this is my field. The grass is truly greener and the flowers brighter---you just know freedom awaits you here. Taking another deep breath of the most refreshing air you have ever breathed, you place both hands out to the side and close your eyes. Suddenly, you feel something laying on the ground beside you and you sit up. You try to pull it up, but realize you need both hands because it is stuck to the ground, for roots have grown over it....

TO BE CONTINUED.... See The Field You Run In Part II

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