• Rose Ward

The Christian Comfort Zone


What if we came to our King like a child?  Are we full of wonder and ready to listen? Do we expect to find love and nourishment from a good Father and to be held by him faithfully?  Is the fire of the Holy Spirit within us and living water flowing through us, or are we lending our own minds to consider life choices? How much time are we taking to get to know Jesus?  Are we only going to him with our own questions and agendas?

Do we still ask him what our day to day should look like, or are we running on auto-pilot?

These might seem like superfluous questions to ask ourselves, especially if we feel we are in a good place within our Christian walk, yet these are some of the very questions that need to be asked persistently.  We must investigate our hearts, often, to see where we are truly looking to fill ourselves, and whether we are genuinely running in to the commands of the Father. Asking ourselves these questions on a continual basis is important because, simply put, our flesh gets in the way.  We all require heart checks from time to time in order to keep us where we need to be, and it is essential to search our hearts and minds in the depth of building our relationship with God. If we desire to stay close to the heart of the Father and kindle the flame in our own hearts towards him, we need to recognize if we are truly sitting at the feet of Jesus or demanding him to sit at ours.  Checking our lives and hearts enable us to grow deeper and have a more meaningful relationship with the King; letting him into the places we need him the most.  When we are close to him, we do not have to keep those walls up that can easily become a stumbling block within the reality of life’s complexities. He desires all of you and rejoices when you come to him in all of life.

For some time I felt that I was doing quite well in my relationship with Jesus.  I mean, I read the Bible, worshiped, prayed daily, sought out ways to serve, yet I was not truly having quality time with the Father.  I was not letting him in to the places I needed him the most and thought things were great because I heard from him sometimes. Just as much, I knew certain things were going to happen with the prompting of the Holy Spirit, yet there were still holes in my relationship with him. It was not until a dear friend of mine Evangeline pushed me out of what I now call the “Christian comfort zone” that I began to see what it meant to be close to Jesus. Evangeline challenged me to go deeper in relationship and faithfully sit at the feet of Jesus; to bring myself before him without expectation.  She encouraged me to worship and praise him fully in my quiet times; to get in the prayer closet and close the door, just me and God.  That it was absolutely vital to make him the priority before anything or anyone else.

So with her advice, and a prayer for my heart to be more open to what God had in store for me, I came to realize that it was essential for me to come to him in thankful acclaim instead of the (I need my questions answered now God) or what I call the "I need to know now mindset". A mindset that is all to easy to fall into. I was thankful that she was bold in her beliefs and handed the challenge to simply come to the King with a heart wide open and the world far back...AND I now bring this challenge to you.

Bring all of you into the presence of the King and leave the chaotic fleshly mind to be swept up in his heart. If you are in the (Christian comfort zone), or just desire to sit at the feet of Jesus more and learn how to trade insecure pride for humble confidence, be on the look out!  I am working on a free printable study that can help move you forward and challenge you to dive deeper in to the presence of God.

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