• Rose Ward

Live Grounded.

Let's make the rest of this month count in spending time with God, listening to our bodies, and remembering to have GRACE in all of it...

G - God (Spending time with God helps us understand grace)

R - Rest (Resting in Him will wrap us in His grace)

A - Ability (Only God can give us the ability to move forward in grace)

C - Confidence (We can be confident in Him when we walk in grace)

E - Everlasting (God's grace is forever)

Even when things seem impossible, God is still moving. Remember: His (movement) may look different than we think, but His picture is always better than the ones we create in our hearts and minds--- Trust His plan for you, and for the world!

May you be wrapped in His everlasting GRACE today!

P.s. Speaking of moving, I wanted to share one of my posts that was just published by the HelloMornings blog (Let God's Grace Reign in Move Time). Be sure to check out the Free instant printable near the end of the post, and if you enjoyed the post--- please share!

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