• Rose Ward

Is God Mad at Me?

When you see a small child who is close to your heart, or one of your own children stumbling across the floor, trying desperately to learn how to walk, you understand that it takes time, and you also know, it can be frustrating for them! Suddenly their bright eyes form big tears because they have fallen one too many times, yet what do you do? Is your response to scream loudly and say--


Do you hold out your hand gently and wait for those little fingers to wrap around yours so that you can help them? Of course, and you are able to bolster their courage as they cling to your outstretched hand, once again, standing up to venture out on their new journey. Holding tight to your strength, you share your voice in comfort and smile to let them know it is okay. You gently encourage them and say, "You can do it..." and their tears quickly turn to joyfulness. They now feel that they can let go, try again, and finally take those first beautiful steps--- the ones you have been waiting for, and this time, they are able to keep their balance for longer, making progress all the way to the other side of the room. Looking back at you, they clap their hands cheerfully and you just know they are trying to say, "Thank you!" Opening your arms wide, you watch as their new found confidence helps them not only walk, but run into your waiting arms.

"May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound in hope." - Romans 15:13 ESV

Friend, God is not mad at you, just like you are not mad at the child learning to walk. God is personal and loving, therefore, He is always holding out His hand to you, waiting for you to hold on tight and learn more about Him. He wants to fill you with hope and for you to trust Him. Jesus wants you to see Him, and for you to know, you are seen by Him. The Heavenly Father wants you to understand the love He has for you, to know His rest, and His sufficient strength. If only we will keep our eyes on His-- and our heart in His hands He is forever love, forever mercy, forever desiring you to spend time with Him. Don't be afraid of being held by His grace, or let your own frustration get in the way of understanding His love for you. 

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