• Rose Ward

Home Sweet Home.

Our family lived for almost ten years either in the big city of Toronto or near it. Needless to say, having a garden (especially when you do not have a yard) is difficult. We did figure out ways to produce some food *in the city (more on this later).... but wow, we are so happy to now be living in the country where there are no city roaches coming in our front door for a visit (old apartment building) and where the kiddos can run around and use their wild imaginations to build forts in the yard and fly through the air in their sweet yellow swing. *the amazing full story coming soon via podcast!

God answered a lot of prayers for us to be placed where we are now and we are overwhelmed by his Grace daily. I thought I would just share some photos in this post (I love photography) so you might see quite a bit in this blog! I love to catch memories and look through the lens at quiet moments and fringes of things usually unseen *easily missed. I hope you enjoy it to.

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