God's Got You Covered

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Life can be so difficult to navigate, but Jesus did not say following Him would be easy. It can be quite the opposite, but do we fall on our knees enough to see who He really is during hard times or just rely on our own strength?

This unprecedented time we are living in is not easy, and we can so easily be tossed to and fro by the waves of chaos and confusion--- and every other evil that befalls us. We need an anchor! An anchor that holds us firm and secure in the midst of fierce and chaotic storms. And, we do--- we have a rock. We have an absolute stronghold. A foundation of peace available to us at all times--- Someone who needs only to say, "Peace, be still" and the sea and wind obey!

How amazing is it that Jesus cares so much for us that He provides in this way? He gives this beautiful (firm) foundation that we cannot gather from the world in which we live. The sure footing that He provides is real, honest and true, and when storms all around us rage on--- the storms within can be calmed.

Jesus is our firm foundation, sure footing, and our pillar of strength!

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Jesus truly is the Prince of Peace that dwells within and greater is He who is in us than He that is in the world. He is our mainstay and our hope! He gave up His very life for us so that we can live an abundant and ETERNAL life--- He's got us covered! He's got YOU covered. He will not digress, backdown, nor will he leave you. He has already paid the cost (it's already been established), and He is here with you to stay. Yes, it is up to us to receive, but when we do, He has promised to be with us always even until the end of the age--- Sometimes we just need to remind ourselves of this truth.

Let this week be focused on how great our God is! Let's ask Him to help us rest in His stability, His promises, and His LOVE as we go about our day to day. Remember---

He cherishes you.

As we set our gaze on Jesus and cast our cares at His feet this week, may His peace guard your heart and mind. May you grab a hold of what He has already grabbed hold for you! And when all other ground is sinking sand, on Christ the solid rock---


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Scripture Reading Challenge:

Remember: God will not abandon you.

Read: Romans, Chapter 8

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This post co-written by Rose Ward and Evangeline Njelesani


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