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This particular post is a bit longer than usual--- so grab a hot beverage, and snuggle in for this important message about your worth, purpose, and thought life.

The looking glass of this world tends to bring with it, streaks and smears that gleam back in ugly reprimand to the very formation of our existence. Have you brought into consideration that you are an indisputable creation lately? That you are a patent creation involving the impression (fingerprint) of the one who anticipated your occurrence? You are, in fact, undeniably created by the hand of an Artist who is sovereign (unmatched), and the creator of all other Artists...

Now, if God is sovereign over all, including what and who He has created, and has the corner on Artistry--- Let us consider that we are NOT made by accident.

--- No, YOU are not an accident.

In all truth, you are here, in this exact time, for a very specific intention, from a precise and purposeful Creator. So when the thought of purpose eludes you, take heart, for this determination can easily be found.

O house of Israel, can I not do with you as this potter has done? declares the Lord. Behold, like the clay in the potter's hand, so are you in my hand, [...]. - Jeremiah 18:6 ESV

Most of us know the continued relevance of the parable of the Potter’s hand in the book of Jeremiah, yet we seem to consider others to fit within its context, more so, than considering ourselves in this particular application. For those of us who struggle with the claws of insecurity and pride (two sides of the same coin), it is important to begin peeling back the layers to see who God really is, and why He has made us who we are. Let’s take a moment to once again reflect on the truth of our construction, and the beauty of what the Creator intends for us.

A great place to start is in the book of Isaiah, chapter sixty-four. In this prophetic book, Isaiah laments the sin of the people and recognizes the true sovereignty of God, taking hold of the promises of God, to His people. Just like us, the people were not faultless, and are in need of a perfect Father; it beckons us to understand that sin (not excluding blatant insecurity spiraling into the rejection of God’s wisdom, therein putting on worldly trust, nor the misplaced confidence towards our own attributes that require a puffing up of ones’ self---pride), is something that holds back our relationship to the King. This Prophet realized the importance of reconciliation to the Father, and the significance of His relationship to us. Do we recognize this? Do we see this concern in the small, sometimes noticeably unchecked thoughts of ourselves on an every-day basis?

Isaiah saw that Jews and Gentiles alike needed to have a proper view of God; for it is not (us) who can change our own afflictions (weaknesses). We can also, dare I say, rest a bit too easily in worldly strengths, therein, creating a deep inability to walk well in our calling. Relying on ourselves alone disengages us from what God has fashioned us to do, and the effect of subsequent actions in this extrication, marks dire consequences in both our lives, and for those around us. It is important to keep our connection to the Lord sincere and reverential; our outlook, eternal. In Isaiah 64:6 it is understood that we must gain an eternal perspective, for the author mentions how our lives fade like leaves, and immoralities like the wind--- taking us away from God. We must remember that we can surely quench the Holy Spirit when we are walking in the focused view of only self, and that there is a constant fading away from this life to which we cannot rightly cling to. If we are children of God, we comprehend that our life is not our own, and that we need to give every aspect of our being back to its rightful owner! Letting go of self-doubt and of self-importance is difficult, yet powerfully crucial in our relationship with the King. Truly, God confidence starts by taking actions such as this! In the letting go of insecurity and pride, we can begin to see the path God has laid before us more clearly--- and understand the purpose to which we were created to shine. As expressed in Isaiah 64:8--- it says that we are all the work of the Potter’s hand, “But now, O LORD, you are our Father; we are the clay, and you are our potter; we are all the work of your hand.” Should we not then have a view that God does not make mistakes? That there is intent and purpose behind everything He forms?

[...] Shall the potter be regarded as the clay, that the thing made should say of its maker, “He did not make me”; or the thing formed say of him who formed it, “He has no understanding”?. - Isaiah 29:16 ESV

Questions are important when considering our thought life, as well as one's purpose--- for they are intricately intertwined, and need to be nurtured equally. This is why it is essential to do what I call a (Heart Check) and see where and what the heart and mind are doing in the present. Below there are five questions that have been provided in order to begin looking a little or (a lot) closer at what is currently going on with yourself. Answer honestly (date it) and in three months, do it all over again; it will help you see what has changed or has not changed. Heart Checks are an ongoing, dynamic way to grow and develop our faith, purpose, and thought life.

  • Am I clinging to this life instead of the Father?

  • Do I view my life from the world’s lens or from the Creator’s heart?

  • Do I have an eternal mind-set or an earthly one?

  • Have I prayed in depth about what God is calling me to?

  • Am I glorifying God in my life---today?

These questions are important to consider when digging out insecurity and pride from our hearts. When we begin to focus on God, and not self (develop a heart posture of repentance and humility) we can then begin to consider the Potter’s hand more effectively. Isaiah recognized that there is only one true God, and that He genuinely cares about His creation. He puts his hope in God as all-knowing and all powerful; understanding that we are not here by accident, but fully planned by a Sovereign and Heavenly Father to which we must continually call. God’s original and whole design for us may get flawed in this fallen world, but as we move through life, intentionally laying all weaknesses at His feet, the wiping clean of sin’s crease... let God mold and shape us into an authentic and true person of His heart; an individual delivered by His hand. It is worth mentioning again, that we are all clay, worked by the hand of the Father; a beautiful reminder of how we can view life itself.

So---Let God mold and form your earthen jar into the work to which He originally planned for you. He has breathed life into you! Again, you are NOT a mistake, but a VISION of His Artistry. There is great significance of you being distinctively fashioned and put on this earth. The Creator would not have put you here--- unless you were incredibly vital to His design. It is essential that we choose to walk in the dynamic inspiration originally placed and understand that Christ’s definitive love is what brought us here, in His perfect timing; for if this cannot be grasped, defining purpose will become superlatively abstract at best. Though we experience the consequence of sin within our lives, this does not mean we have to be stuck in the penalties of ungodly choices. We can in fact, be made completely new. We have a choice to let go of the bungles of the past and embrace the future God has for us, letting our earthen vessel be molded and worked together for good.

Are you beginning to see the key to finding purpose and understanding in this life? The key to walking effectively in the gifts given? In the crux of the matter, we must do our part in building a beautiful bridge to the Father by accepting Him into our lives fully; by fully, I mean in whole, complete, every room in our internal home, for we cannot merely give our hands, but every fiber of being. We must hand over our lives, and our cries, at the feet of Jesus--- continually bringing our hearts before Him; putting all in His hands and delighting in His presence. Closeness with God happens when we leave our agenda at the door, raise our hands and hearts in praise, talk to Him often, and let His words fill our Hearts to overflowing. We may feel the constant hum of the weighty encumbrance of fleshly thoughts, but with Jesus, they can be stripped away from overtaking our hearts and minds. The central key to participating in purpose is first knowing what it means to have a one on one relationship with Jesus, and it is this key, that unlocks everything. EVERYTHING. When we see Jesus as our friend, we see the purpose of glorifying God; we see the door open to the gifts given by Him, to us! And out of this special and deliberate relationship with Jesus comes understanding, and with this profundity of knowledge (understanding of information) plus God’s wisdom, comes the comprehension of purpose. It all works beautifully in synchronized brilliance! If we are unable to grasp the purpose to which we have been created, or know the spiritual and natural gifts we have been given--- we need not disquiet. Why? Because we can already identify, that to glorify God, is the first purpose for our initial construction. If one glorifies the Father with all of their heart, soul, and mind, all other foundations will fall exquisitely into place. No, this is not always an easy task, and all relationships have ups and downs, requiring time and sacrifice, but of all relationships, this one is the most important; for it is essential to the eternality of one’s soul. As we grow in relationship with Jesus, He will reveal the calling upon our lives, but we must consistently seek His will and lean into the original purpose (to glorify Him) in order to walk an incredible walk while we are here in this life. When we recognize this, and put it into action--- God will show us where to go, what to do, and how to walk in our calling, and in His will. The Creator of the universe took time to breathe life into existence the moment of your conception--- and knew you deeply even before that instant! He is the defender of your heart, the protector of His workmanship, and a very loyal friend--- forever.

Knowing all of these things, you can begin to use your (talents) well! Mathew 25:20 says, “And he who had received five talents came forward, bringing five talents more, saying, Master you delivered to me five talents; here I have made five talents more. His Master said to him, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant. You have been faithful over a little; I will set you over much more. Enter into the joy of your Master." We can view the gifts given to us as the “talents” given to the man in this Bible verse. Let us use our talents well in order to exemplify and duplicate the necessary elements delivered from one walking well in their spiritual gifts! The importance of faithfully using God’s generously given (talents) is not only glorifying to the Heavenly Father, it is a lovely framework of evidence to the world that there is an all knowing, all powerful, and completely Sovereign God; a mighty handiwork being played out from a truly powerful love. Glorifying God and drawing near to Him will move us forward in illustrating God’s love to ourselves, our family, and to the rest of the world; while walking in the call placed on our lives, will leave a spiritual inheritance of great substance for future generations. Let the Holy Spirit’s fingerprints touch life all around you and help your earthen vessel pour out living water that truly nourishes, unmistakably multiplies, and beautifully shows the Artistry of the Potter’s thoughtful and caring hands. Do not delay any longer--- Be the VISION of God’s Artistry that He knows you already are. And do not fear, when you find out just how beautiful God has made you.

It is my pray that the Holy Spirit will reveal to you (right now) that you are here, on purpose, in this exact time--- for a specific reason. And that you are made by the Master Artist to whom there is none greater. I pray that He will help you implement the original purpose of your life (to bring God glory) and that your heart will have refreshed and ready eyes to quickly perceive the importance of getting closer to the Father. I pray for a continued growth in friendship with Jesus and the development of a deeper, more tangible, relationship so that you may walk wholly in your calling, and in His great wisdom. In prayerful expression from my heart to the Father’s, I ask that the Lord will create an immediate hunger to dive deeper, and that you will begin to fully comprehend the Father’s will in order to shine brightly in a very needy world. And as you walk well, that your heart heals deeply and profoundly. Thank you for taking the time in this very busy season. May you find rest today. Blessings,

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