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This week's inspiration is a short prayer and a poem.  As you speak this prayer agree together with all who are praying it today!  There is power in prayer, and in agreement, before God.  May you be encouraged this week as you continue to seek out God's will for your life...

Thank you Lord for never changing.  Thank you for your steadfast and consistent love, and thank you for the power that flows out from you to us every day.  Holy Spirit you are welcome in this place.  We agree together this week that mountains will be moved, and doors will be opened by you.  We thank you for the power and love flowing out from you every day into our lives, even when we cannot see it.  Lord we pray for revelation and for wisdom.  We agree together for the healing of our bodies, healing of the past, healing from all that we need to be healed from.  Complete health Lord Jesus, both physically and spiritually.  Help us to cling to you and give us a heart posture that is sensitive to you Spirit.  Help us to receive forgiveness and to let go of past situations and pain.  Heavenly Father, let your ways be made known and teach us your paths. Give us a heart that delights in you for we know you delight in us, and finally, exchange our will for yours.  We praise you and we love you.  Amen.

Cling To Him

Look deeply

Pray increasingly

Steadfast He is

Steadfast He will always be

Leave the past for your slate is clean

Posture your heart to repentance and cling to what is good

What is good and Holy

Request wisdom and understanding

For His thoughts are higher

Let your heart not be troubled, for He is good

He is working it together here and now

Let go of the past and stand redeemed

Let go of the good situation that you might be trying to reclaim

Let Him work together, everything for good, now where He has you standing

Stand strong on the mountain top

And open your arms to embrace His love and His freedom

Do not be troubled and do not fear

Hold tight to His heart and rest in His love

Be still; Be still

Hear his voice

Delight in Him for He delights in you

Draw near

Draw near to Him

And He will draw near to you

Take time to become His friend

Let him make His ways known

Exchanging your will for His alone

Take captive the goals and thoughts of your own

Releasing them over to Him

Take captive the attitudes of the heart

Releasing them over to Him

Let him make His ways known

And exchange your will for His own

Cling to Him

Be convicted quickly and receive forgiveness

From season to season

And from storm to storm

Cling to Him

Touch His garment so that you to may be healed

Grow faith and plant seeds

Be deeply rooted in His grace; in His love everlasting.

Open the eyes of your heart to see Him

Open your ears to hear Him

Let His peace wash over you, for it is like no other

It is like no other

For in Him--- You are Redeemed


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