• Rose Ward

A Double Blessing

When the twins came home...
Cole & Cassia: First week home.

Story in Art Form: The twins birth story...

Cut open

Two small souls fill a quiet room and soft cries follow

Father's gentle voice sends encouragement

All will be well

Gentle touch to small hands Fleeting moment as arms open to find empty space

Babies rushed to unknown

Father strains to see little faces through windows

Oxygen depletes and lungs labor

Breathe. Let God give them breath.

Pain sets in

All is quiet with curtain drawn

No babes at breast

Waiting. Tears. Prayer.

Behind plastic walls

Babies wait for Mommy

Tears flow from needles sharp prick

New Room

Mother seeks God's will

No babes at breast

Will milk flow from sorrowed bosom?

It does flow

Praise God for friends who give knowledge freely

So that little blessings can be nourished

Seconds turn minutes into hours

Aching arms held out

Wait longer. No touching. No holding.

Heart pulls and arms feel heavy with weight of babies not held

Looking through plastic doors now open

Gently hold one small hand

Fingers curl round as love seeps through soul

Hope fills worried air

Sweet faces rest with soft lullaby from mother’s lips

Sorrowed departure

Back to room with arms still aching

Time passes slowly

Breathe deep the grace that is in dark spaces

The time is now

Babies feel Mommy’s heart beating against plastic tubes blowing air

Careful not to tangle wires that crawl like spiders

Little beating hearts strain when Mommy must leave

Oxygen falls with breathing labored

Father holds all hearts in gentle prayer

Bent knees

Waiting for healing

One gets better. One gets worse.

Procedures follow as lungs fail - Again.

More Prayer

Hoping for answers that hearts can handle

Knowing the journey must be taken for all things work together for good

Larger picture unknown except by God

Grace. Love. Mercy.

Remember these things

Shift changes

Medicine. X-Rays. Tears.

Angels saving little blessings and snuggles fill the soul full

Wires tangle again and again

Acceptance of God’s will

Father comforts mother as head bows low

Family holds all to prayer

What will God’s answer be?

Going home empty handed yet God’s hand shows favor

Lungs become stronger

Milk flows to overflowing and Babies keep breath

Weeks pass by

Masks and needles removed from sore skin

Oxygen flows through tubes still connected yet

Babies feel free to move and Mommy feels free to hold

Waiting for more strength

Strength does come and God says yes to unanswered questions

Lungs strong and breaths deep

Babies own bed is filled with sweet dreams

Mommy’s lips send praise to God for a double blessing

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