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I want to support Writers/Authors wherever I can and so I have created this page to give some awesome resources that have helped me. I love these people and what they do - so much that I became an affiliate (if you become a member or purchase anything it will support our small business and mission).  I would promote these same people and products whether I was an affiliate or not because I feel they are all important tools to have in your Writer's toolbox. 

Although my main readers are Women in Ministry (Writers, Speakers + Creatives) if this is not you, please stay and explore the content!  There is a special place for you!  As we continue to create content, you will find some great resources here for all ages and walks of life.  Become a member and grow with us!  It is Free.

If you would like to find resources for the heart, home and kitchen take a look at what I call my LifeBlog!  There are resources there that I pray will help you in your journey.  

Oh!  And if you have never met Jesus or think He is just like any other religious figure out there, I invite you to stay a while--- I challenge you to take time to see why we call Him the King, and to understand how He is not just some prophet of old, but rather a personal and loving God who wants to be in close relationship with you.  A great place to start is to subscribe to my Live Grounded monthly newsletter!  Sign up below and receive the Releasing Distraction free printable. 

He loves unconditionally, He is the King of Kings, He is alive, He gives us life and He loves YOU. We are glad you are here and you are welcome here.  

I will put the kettle on... 

Are you a Christian Woman in Ministry--- or thinking about becoming one? Than you are in the right place! If you would like to be a part of a community where Christian Women in Ministry flourish, apply to become a  WIM Member! *It's Free. 

If you are not a Woman in Ministry, but would still like to check out the *FREE e-resources that I have created, you can access it by becoming a website member - See the big green button below and enjoy! 

I look forward to sharing the journey with you. Well, not just a journey, a voyage--- yes, definitely a voyage!

If you want to be *nourished, encouraged, inspired, develop creative ideas, grow in faith, make healthier choices, and produce the fruit of the spirit well, you are in the right place! 


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