Rose Ward

Writer. Speaker. Artist. Daughter of the King. 

A.A., B.F.A. (Photo), DTS, M.B.A.

Founder of BLOOM & REED @bloomandreed 

Founder / Co-Owner of ORIGINAL FOCUS @shoppingthatmatters

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I am Rose Ward and I believe you landed here for a reason! I created this space to bring you rest, encouragement, inspiration, tools for your ministry, and navigational tools that can help you find nourishment and balance between everyday life and ministry. I love being creative and for those of you who like to know the technical stuff, I have an Associates of Art degree, Bachelor of Fine Art (BFA) degree with an emphasis in Photography, completed a Discipleship Training Program (DTS) certification with YWAM, and hold a Masters in Business Administration degree (MBA). Oh! and I am FOREVER a HOPE*WRITER

This online platform develops and creates content and educational resources for Women in Ministry, Youth, and Children. The current developments for WIM (Women in Ministry) is providing support through intercession, valuable (printable) resources, an online private community, podcast, courses, and practical navigation for the call placed upon a Ministry Leader's life. 

The current development in children's education involves working on a mission based curriculum for home-school families, mission schools, and families that would like to supplement their child's educational needs. This curriculum is in the idea/design phase and will help Educators teach multiple ages at once-- Think Mission Based Schools (economically friendly and better equipped). 

Other News:

I am officially on the writing team for the Hello Mornings Blog as well as the Hello Mornings Bible Studies led by Kat Lee and have also been accepted into the private Joyful Life Magazine writing contributor group.

I am writing a trilogy! In this three part series (fantasy genre) I hope to portray the glory and love of God in the underpinning of this entire collection of books. 

I am in the idea stages of a new 21 book series for beginning readers (sci-fi genre). 

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